Curtain Bang with Shag Haircut

Curtain bangs and the shag haircut is the most sought-after look of the 2021-2022 season. This simple, step-by-step video will teach you how to do both looks with confidence and ease. After watching this video, you will walk away 100% confident in creating this look. You can do one or the other or combine them. So it’s…
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Haircutting For The Unappeasable Client

You know the one. She doesn’t want anything off her length or her layers but she wants something totally different! Well, I’ve created the perfect cut that is bound to please her. This haircut will totally make you rethink your approach to cutting long hair and your clients will be singing your praises!
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Hand-tied Extensions

In this hand-tied extension series, you’ll learn the KHS “unexposed” method. This method conceals the beads on both the top and the bottom and it provides the most comfort to the wearer. This method is the longest-lasting, safest on the hair, most comfortable for the client, and easiest installation method on the market. You’ll get…
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