We work with hairstylists who dream big and want financial freedom. I help them build their dream clientele while maintaining boundaries, obtaining time freedom, and successfully raising prices while adhering to a sense of purpose.

Why Shapes Matter


This one image contains everything you need to know about doing hair.

Three shapes – circle, triangle, and square – are the foundations to every service we perform behind the chair.

Three colors – yellow, red, and blue – can create any color you can imagine.

My trainings will expand this image and take a deeper look behind the theory of performing any service behind the chair.

The Academy

The average career span of a hairstylist is 18 months. My goal is to provide education to hairstylists to support them in building a profitable, life-long career behind the chair. My approach is simple, complete, fully supportive, and builds confidence.



“Kristal is the most talented stylist I know. She’s very knowledgeable about any question I ask. With her help and knowledge I’ve been able to feel comfortable behind the chair. She is truly the best mentor!”

- Bailey Brooks, Hairstylist

“Kristal is amazing when it comes to teaching extensions! She is patient and has so much knowledge about different ways to do things and is always willing to share them. Having someone who knew what they are doing and do it so well, helped me learn quicker and easier and allowed me to be completely confident in doing extensions myself!”

- Nicole Faut, hairstylist

“Kristal made haircutting simple and easy to understand that there are only nine haircuts.”

- Annie Nelson, hairstylist

“Kristal has created a positive program, in which she consistently promotes fast learning with engaging and useful hands-on lessons. Her pace is just right as her associates are challenged but not overwhelmed. I highly recommend Kristal to anyone interested in wanting a successful career in cosmetology.”

- Teresa Felch, hairstylist and salon owner

“As a salon owner I had the privilege of having Kristal conduct training and coaching for the staff. I feel Kristal was very professional and the coaching/training was very thought through and effective. In my opinion her knowledge and passion for this industry made her an asset to bring into my salon.”

- Allison Braun, salon owner

“If you are looking for a stylist that combines artistry, scientific knowledge of coloration, and precision of skills than Kristal is for you. Kristal approaches every appointment with fresh eyes, listening ears and a repertoire of upcoming trends. Then, Kristal individualizes her services in innovative, magical ways just for you.”

- Lori Ronningen, client of 15 years

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